XIN Mods

A Headless CMS Content as a Service Solution for Bloomreach XM

The XIN mods are a set of tools that turn a vanilla Blooomreach XM install into an easy-to-deploy Fully Headless Content as a Service instance that you can use to quickly model and query information in your repository with!

It includes the following:

  • A more compact authoring experience.
  • More dynamic asset management with focus point selection.
  • Package management - move your content between servers.
  • Multi-tenanted Document REST API to query and retrieve the documents you need.
  • XIN Mods Collections that allows you to store and retrieve simple flat documents.
  • Admin panels and custom iframe panels for integrations with other systems you use.
  • Finally integrating the CMS events with your other microservices.
  • An easy to use NodeJS package to integrate your systems with Bloomreach XM easily.
  • All the great things you know from Bloomreach XM.

Getting started with XIN Mods is easy!
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XIN Mods fit the bigger picture

What XIN Mods provides is a mature CMS platform (Bloomreach XM) adjusted to be more in tune with whatever frontend technology you might be using to interface with your users, making it truly headless. It does this by implementing a functionally rich CaaS (Content as a Service) layer on top of the excellent Bloomreach XM APIs.

XIN Mods makes it so that your CMS isn't the center of the universe, instead it will simply a cog in a larger machine.

Powerful REST APIs extensions connect you to the CMS in an easy to understand way.

In short, the XIN Mods let Bloomreach's Experience Manager fit into the bigger picture of organisations that already have a wealth of infrastructure without requiring the entire ecosystem to bend to its needs.

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Read on for more technical details regarding the solution.

Why Bloomreach XM?

Bloomreach XM has been around for a long time. The core team responsible for building it is highly skilled and technically excellent. They have based their CMS on an amazing array of Open Source Java technologies that cause it to be stable, flexible and sure to be around for a long time.

Over time, what the CMS can do has increased many times over. However, quite a few of these functions are not necessarily relevant to a large number of potential users, either because they already have other tooling in place that does the same thing, or just because their business isn't ready to think about things like personalization.

In those situations, these functions become a distraction. With that in mind, XIN Mods simplifies how Bloomreach XM is presented to the end user, without sacrificing any of its technical excellence.

A Simpler Bloomreach XM Experience.

XIN Mods takes away some of the complexity introduced by later version of the CMS that are easily managed through other tools (such as the HST, personalization) and really focuses on the amazing data modeling and the authoring interface at its core.

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If you're curious about the ways Hippo has been reduced to become a simpler experience.
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Multi-tenant Document REST API.

The XIN Mods expose a set of new APIs that enable your Application Service (like an ExpressJS application) to query the data in your content repository.

Connecting to the API

If you're curious about how Bloomreach XM and XIN Mods offer a multi-tenant infrastructure.
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Package Management.

Additionally, a package manager is introduced that allows you to import and export packages. A package is a set of paths and CNDs that are to be exported.

By introducing the concept of packages, the Bloomreach XM instance itself becomes much less valuable — you can easily setup a new instance and reimport the packages in a matter of minutes.

It also alleviates the problems experienced with content having to move between different parts of your infrastructure. Moving code between a development and test server becomes trivial.

Using the Package Manager

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Asset modification

A common use-case for a CMS is to store images and be able to serve out multiple renditions of that image. Bloomreach XM has this functionality built-in, but is rather cumbersome to use and difficult to change once you've made up your mind.

To get around this XIN Mods include the /assetmod extension. A simple image operations interpreter that can help: scale, crop and apply other types of filters.

Using the AssetMod extension

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Admin Panels

Include external applications as administration panels in your CMS backend by configuring an iframe component.

Configuring Admin Panels

Go to the documentation to read more about these administration panels
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AWS Integration

Bloomreach XM can now be hooked up to an AWS SNS topic allowing your downstream systems to listen to changes to content in the CMS. An example where this could come in handy is for intelligent caching strategies.

Read about AWS integrations

Go to the documentation to read how you can hook up Hippo CMS to an SNS topic.
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