Integrating your external webapps with BloomReach XM using XIN Mods

Integrating external webapps with Bloomreach XM using XIN Headless Mods

When creating an authoring experience for your users, sometimes the default interface does not provide enough flexibility to accomplish what it is you are looking for. In those situations, you can imagine wanting to build a small web application on the side that is able to provide this functionality without looking out of place.

XIN Mods now comes with functionality that exposes the logged-in user's state and encodes it as a JSON Web Token (JWT).

This means, that when user is logged into the BloomReach Experience Manager, they can visit an external site which can be made aware of their username, user groups, email address and their name as part of a signed JWT. The JWT can be requested by the browser, and should be passed into the external app's backend.

Of course, the token must be validated upon use, to do this, a JWKS endpoint has been exposed as well. This endpoint describes the properties of the public key of an RSA key that has been used to sign the token.

Because JWT and JWKS aren't bound to any particular technical platform, you can choose to integrate any kind of web application using any kind of tech-stack.

To integrate these applications, a new Toolbox package has become part of the XIN Mods repository. After installing it you can go into the /cms/console and adjust the iframe.src property of /hippo:configuration/hippo:frontend/cms/cms-static/toolboxPerspective to the location of your external application.

A new Iframe perspective (made possible by the BloomReach Forge plugin) will appear.

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