Working with us


Working with us might be a little bit different from you're used to, but we promise it to be an interesting, and fulfilling journey.

We hold a number of core values very dear, they are:

  • customer first; you and the success of your business is what's most important to us. Our entire process reflects that.
  • transparency; it is very important to us that at any time, you can find out what the status of the project is, how much work is left to do, and what questions or risks have been identified.
  • sustainability; not only do we strive to provide you with solutions that help your business with its current challenges, we also make sure to build you something sustainable. That means that if, at any time, you want to extend the solution, the software will be able to accommodate this change.

Development approach.

Completely defining the end-result at the beginning of a project and expecting it to be what you need is very difficult, if not impossible. Things change. Sometimes you realize something is very different from your what you thought they would be and you need the requirements of the project to change. This is perfectly normal, so we've setup our development process in such a way that we are able to cope with change very well.

To understand your business and your business problem we will sit down with you and analyze the problem that you. Then, based on our experience, we can advice you on the best way forward.

We always build the most important part of the solution first. This means, that at the first demo, you'll get to see the most important piece of the puzzle that we're trying to solve. By allowing you to provide feedback at this point in time, we make sure that the core of your product aligns with your expectations as closely as possible.

At the end, when all the software has been completed, we make sure you have sufficient documentation so you can actually use the software we made you.

Let's get started!

Doesn't sound complicated does it? It's not! It's actually just a lot of fun.

If you think we can help, get in touch!

If you're interested in what you see but aren't quite sure where to start, contact us so we can help you get what you need.
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