Getting started with setting up Bloomreach XM CMS as a Headless CaaS instance.

A Simpler Bloomreach experience

XIN Mods turn Bloomreach XM into a simpler experience for both users and developers.

Document and Query API

XIN Mods extends Bloomreach XM's Document API so you can query your content properly

Collections API: Writing into BloomReach XM.

XIN Mods provides a Collections API to persist simple documents into Bloomreach.

Dynamic Image Modification

Getting Started with XIN Mods Dynamic Image Modification Extension

XIN Mods Package Manager

A Package Manager For Bloomreach XM: Prioritising your content over your application.

Integrates your external webapps with Bloomreach

Integrating External Web Applications with Bloomreach XM using XIN Mods.

XIN Mods Admin Panels

Easily add your own administration panels using XIN Mods.

Bloomreach XM and the AWS cloud

Integrating Bloomreach XM into your existing cloud infrastructure.