A Simpler BloomReach XM experience

XIN Mods turn Bloomreach XM into a simpler experience.

Bloomreach XM (formerly known as Hippo) is a great CMS that offers solutions for many use cases medium to large businesses might encounter.

But sometimes, you just want a stable CMS that is a simple document container.

Sometimes, you don't want to have to write your frontend in the Java tech stack.

Sometimes, you have an existing application that just needs to be a bit more dynamic.

Using services like Contentful is an option, but it introduces an architectural dependency on a third-party vendor over which you have no control. If that is a problem, or if using Open Source technologies is an important part of your platform goals, consider Bloomreach XM again, but slap on the XIN Mods.

XIN Mods:

  • reduce the complexity of the BloomReach XM by taking away functionality you're unlikely to need;
  • increase flexibility of choice by exposing a new set of document endpoints that any frontend technology can talk to;
  • values content above all: you can import and export content easily using the Package Manager making the actual Bloomreach XM instance less important;

Interested? Give it a go!


Getting started with XIN Mods is easy!
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