Collections API: Writing into BloomReach XM.

XIN Mods extends BloomReach XM CMS with the Collections API to write into the JCR.

The content repository backing BloomReach's Experience Manager is pretty impressive. It has the ability to store information in a tree-like structure, and to query it with an impressive amount of accuracy.

Sometimes, applications using the content repository have bits of information that are relevant to the application being developed, that need to be persisted in a sensible place. A common approach to this is to have an additional data source alongside the content repository, that can be used for this purpose.

Ideally though (and when appropriate) storing this kind of information in BloomReach XMs repository makes sense as well.

To that end, a new API called the Collections API has become part of the XIN Mods extensions.

Using these new endpoints, one can store, retrieve and delete simple objects in the content repository. Combining this functionality with the ability to integrate external web applications into the CMS allows us to really enrich the user experience.

The endpoints are described in the documentation here.

Additionally they have also become part of the xinmods Node JS module. More information about how to use that can be found here under the "Collections" heading.