Getting Started with setting up Bloomreach XM CMS as a Headless CaaS instance

Watch this video to get an idea of how to setup XIN Mods on your *NIX-based machine.

Getting Started

To get started using this software, simply clone the following repository. Its main branch is called stable, this is where the latest SNAPSHOT code lives.

If you'd rather checkout a specific version, please checkout its corresponding version tag, that way, you know for sure you're getting the actual release code.

$ git clone https://github.com/XIN-Solutions/hippo-xinmods

Once the repository has been cloned simply run the start-local.sh and wait for the CMS to finish starting up. The first time make take a while as you're having to download all the Bloomreach XM related dependencies.

You can now navigate to http://localhost:8080/cms/ and login using admin for both username and password.

It should look something like this:

Next steps

To get a full understand of the functionality offered by XIN Mods

An overview of XIN Mods functionality

Want to know more about XIN Mods? Click here to go to its functional overview.
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If you're used to Bloomreach's Experience Manager, the next step is to understand the additional APIs XIN Mods introduces. An easy way to experiment with them is to use the xinmods NPM package to integrate the backend into your Node frontend.

To understand how to use it in a NodeJS application, please reference the tutorial repository:

Have fun!