Tools of the trade

When you decide to start a professional relationship with us, it is very important that we are on the same wavelength about what it is that we're building. Obviously, as is to be expected, most of this is accomplished through lots of communicating.

However, the other side that most people seem to undervalue is documenting what has been decided, but also documenting the current state of the project.

Thankfully, in this modern day and age, there are a few tools that we have incorporated into our development process that will help us do just that.

Managing tasks - Trello.

This tool is central to the tracking of the entire project. Have a look on their website, it contains a few demos that will explain its function.

The way that we use it in our projects allows us to divide the entire project up into smaller managable tasks. These tasks go through a lifecycle: design, development, testing and documentation.

At several points in the cycle, a ticket changes owner. For instance, when we're first developing it, XIN will be owner of the ticket, then finally when the functionality is ready to be tested, you will be responsible for looking after the ticket.

All this is modelled through Trello in a very pleasant way. You'll love it!

If your organisation already has tooling in place to deal with project management, we'll be happy to use those as well.

Building documents - Google Drive.

Another great way to communicate is to share documents, and to collaborate on these documents together. Google, and their cloud-based Google Drive presents us with a great toolset to do this with.

No longer will we have to have documents called Requirements-Final-Final-3.docx, instead different versions are managed by Google Docs. Everyone will always have the latest and greatest!

As cherry on top it also integrates quite nicely with Trello!

Sharing designs - Dropbox.

Oftentimes, when a website design is its final stages, there's a lot of back and forth between the designer and the web developer. Unfortunately, this can get confusing real quick, or even impossible as some mail providers have limits on the size of the e-mail that one can send.

For this type of situation, we use Dropbox. A service that allows us to share files and folders without any hassle at all!


There is no need be confused. Even if you are, just tell us: part of the process of getting to know each other is to help you find your way around the tools that are used to make your project a complete, resounding success!

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